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Grooming and Health Tips

EYES should be clear with no  discharge or redness, as this could be a sign of infection.

EARS   The inside of your Basset's ears should be clean, with no odour. Wipe them out regularly with cotton wool soaked in a proprietary ear cleaner (don't probe too deep), also clean the inside of the ear flaps. If there is a problem, go to your vet.

TEETH AND GUMS   Gently lift your Basset's lips. The gums should be pink. Teeth should be clean and white with no yellow plaque or tartar - and there should be no bad smell. You can buy a special brush and toothpaste for cleaning your Basset's teeth, also a scraper for removing plaque. See your vet if gums are a different colour or bleeding, or if you are concerned about the teeth, especially in the older Basset.

COAT   Brush your Basset's coat regularly to remove loose hairs. Use a good bristle brush or hound glove. This will also help to stimulate the skin. The coat should be dandruff-free, and not dull but look shiny and healthy.
BODY CHECKS Run your hands over your Basset's body, check for any lumps or wounds. Check a dog's testicles and a bitch's mammary glands for tumours.

WEIGHT Know the correct weight for your Basset and monitor it regularly. Weight depends on the size of frame. If you can just feel the ribcage, then you probably have it right.
As a very rough guide weight should be : 40-70lbs (18kgs-32kgs), with dogs weighing more than bitches.

UNDER THE TAIL   Hold up your Basset's tail and check for any signs of discharge or soreness. Watch for these signs:

-Your Basset begins scooting or dragging his rear across the floor
•Your Basset keeps licking or chewing near hsi rear end
•Your Basset's stools have become soft 
• A foul or "fishy" odour comes from your Basset's rear end.

The anal glands may need emptying - a job for your vet.


Sometimes your Basset needs someone to care as much as you do. 
If in doubt, consult your vet.